Friday, January 25, 2013

Transcripts from Tyrants #7: Steven F. McLaughlin - Proof They Want to Confiscate Guns

This is the seventh entry in this series on the NY SAFE act and the "debate" that leading up to it.  This entry is the one that made the rounds on the Internet described the final intention behind the passage of such laws.

Video #7:Steve F. McLaughlin - Intent to Confiscate

Begin Transcript

Steven F. McLaughlin:  And Joe, I have in my hands here, uh, something that we received from the Senate, which is rejected Democrat proposals, uh, in this gun bill.  And I don't if you've seen this or if you know these are there or not.

Joe Lentol:  No.  But we don't have our own list of rejected proposals that the Senate rejected.  I don't have anything to show you.

Steven F. McLaughlin:  Ok.  Alright.  Then I won't address it then if you haven't seen it.  I'll leave that one alone.  Uh, ok.  Thank you, Joe.  Appreciate it.  And, uh, Mr. Speaker on the bill.

Joe Lentol:  And by the way, I would recommend not to have that list shared because it really has the capacity to, uh, dampen the enthusiasm to compromise.

Steven F. McLaughlin:  Well it sure does when we talk about confiscation of assault weapons.  It absolutely has the ability to dampen a compromise.  Mr. Speaker on the bill.

End Transcript

Here we see a rare glimpse of honesty in the true intent behind gun control from gun rights opponents.  "Dampen the enthusiasm to compromise" will go down as one the great understatements in the history of New York gun control.  Do people like Mr. Lentol honestly believe anyone is going to not fight such proposal tooth and nail after statements like that?

Here we see, again as we have so many times, the anti-rights meaning of compromise: "we won't take as much as we want...this time".  If confiscation is your starting position is there truly any compromise from your opponent?  Is it any wonder that as these proposals continue to be floated that the intensity of resistance to them only grows and for good reason?

Compromise is defined as both sides walking away from an outcome angry.  Anti-gun people don't seem to understand that.

The time for giving is over.  Hold fast.


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