Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hypocrisy Burns: California Schools Buy AR-15s for Student Defense

I thought having firearms on school grounds affected the learning environment, contributed to school shootings and "assault weapons" have no place near school grounds or yours/my hands?  And that the NRA stating having armed individuals to defend students was the worst sort of nuttery this side of a Salem witch trial?

Apparently not in California.

An excerpt:

In response to a wave of gun crime across the country, particularly in Newtown, Conn., the police department for a California school district just outside Los Angeles has purchased 14 AR-15 rifles in efforts to protect its students.

Fontana Unified School District Superintendent Cali Olsen-Binks OK’d the measure, allowing each school to keep the rifles stored in a secure location for officials to access in case of an emergency.

This hypocrisy burns:
  1. Guns will be on school grounds to protect students.
  2. They will be available for "officials" to use.  School resource officer?  Teachers, perhaps?
  3. They said "AR-15s" and not "assault weapons".  Apparently "official" use turns off their inherent evilness that the rest of use see.
No mention if these were Bushmaster AR-15s.  Wouldn't that be just scintillating if they were, especially after the California Teacher's Union dropped them from their pension funds due to being made of pure, concentrated evil?

And nary mention saying these are the same deadly, child-murdering, Devil's tool "assault weapon".



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