Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nice Tyranny There, Governor!

Now we have Governor Cuomo in New York admitting that if the public had been allowed to review the measure that became the SAFE act, it would have never passed!

From the Times Union:
“I think we did a great thing,” Cuomo told the Times Union Editorial Board on Monday. “Nothing like that will ever happen without a message of necessity.”
Unless you call the vote when you actually have the vote, it’s shifting sands … It will never happen if you put it on the desk for three days. Well, from a process standpoint, wouldn’t it be better if you could do it and put it on the desk for three days? Yes! Yes, I believe that, and that’s why I’ve done fewer than anyone. But if say we’re going to be slave to a process requirement and not get really big things done, then I disagree with you.
Another article here.

He flat out admits the reason the "message of necessity" was used was to take advantage of immediate, emotion-driven momentum to get things done and to prevent public review that might kill that momentum in the light of day and with the time to think.

This is unbelievable.  And refreshing.  It is rare to see someone don the mantle of dictator or tyrant so openly.  Usually they couch such ambitions in terms of promises to make people safe, promises of free stuff, open and free elections that are anything but, that type of thing.

I do believe this is the form American tyranny takes.  Can't be so overt as to directly threaten rights in the open.  Just hijack the legislative process and write your own rules for it since you own it.  Once you've done that, everything becomes a "message of necessity" and make sure the People can't mobilize against you.

I am quite sure right now Governor O'Malley in Maryland is taking notes on what such wonderful ideas these are!  Why have people come to pesky hearings and make their displeasure known when you can simply ignore them and do what you want.

Nice tyranny you have there, Governor!  I sure hope something happens to it.  Like the Courts and elections to right this egregious wrong.

Sadly, we're seeing a preview of our future.  Here's hoping it can be stopped.  I like freedom and rights.  I don't want to change that to "I liked the freedom and rights I used to have.".


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